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Always Something

Always Something

While I try to concentrate on the various elements of writing there are a number of obstacles that *poof* into the world that is Michala. For example, bright and early my house begins shaking. As it has done for the last couple weeks. See that beautiful contraption? It and its brothers have been driving back and forth and up and down every single weekday. Of course they take Weekends off and for that I am so very grateful.
This is just another example of how there is always something that will potentially try to disrupt your word count goal, or your editing timetable, or even your social networking. There are going to be dishes to wash, laundry to fold, bills to pay, hell…I’ll even go clean my car AND clean out my purse all because there is something that I need to be doing.
Writing is like that.
You have to be willing to push past your fears, let down your defenses, and ignore all the crap that is surrounding you. You have to quit comparing yourself and just write.
Write now.
Quit reading this and WRITE!

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