I don’t do schedules!


As a writer I have feigned the position of working on a schedule and not. I’m a very busy person. In my personal life…I do the following:
Full time mom of three (4 if you count the husband…and I do!)
Full time student (getting my MA in Professional Counseling)
Full time Night Manager at Marriott Hotels
Full time Admin of two websites
 And….a creative writer with two novels done, working towards publishing one indi-style and the other traditional-style
Now there is certainly a lot more mixed in there but I’m already tired just writing that list. But as you can see…there is a lot on my platter. I’ve tried organization, schedules, and I’ve tried winging it.
Believe it or not…I’ve done quite well so far winging it. I do try in some parts of my life to have a schedule but nothing ever sticks. I think creativity spawns this inner ability to just know what needs to be done and still have time to sleep in bed all day. Ha! Okay, maybe not exactly like that.
I’ll admit there are a number of things I could be doing better.

I need this clock!
I need this clock!

1. Laundry. I could keep up with that better. But I have kids. They need to learn how to do it so I let them pick up some of the slack.
2. Dinners. My husband should and does prepare meals for the family. It’s not exactly a fair split down the middle (can there ever be, as there is an odd number of days in the week?) 
3. Cleaning. Again, I have kids who need to learn and thus will do as I say. Why? Because I told them so. (If you are a parent you gotta love that saying. It’s so much fun!)
 4. School. I am completely burnt out on school. I really am. I have three more classes and that is three too many. Ugh. It zaps my creativity. It’s totally depressing and the number of hours research occupies my life sucks! I can write a whole chapter in like 1 hour but 1000 words of a research paper takes me FOUR HOURS! Argh!
So, anyway, schedules are great. For those who can and will work with them, they can be life-savers. I however just don’t do them well at all.
So my question to you…how do you manage life? Do you use a schedule? No? Share!!!

This is my kind of scheduling!
This is my kind of scheduling!

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