Failure, Mistakes, & Imperfections

rohnIf you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
Jim Rohn

Rohn was definitely onto something here. As a professional writer (and a soon to be published author) I have to constantly remind myself that I am the one who sets the rules, the routines, and courses for my world. I chart the course. Not anyone else. At least, not until I find an agent that is freakin’ awesome and only then will I bow down and say ‘yes master’ and let them chart the paths in the treacherous and unfamiliar territories I must wade through. LOL

But really, how ‘right’ do you want things to go for yourself because no one will ever fight for what you want as much and as hard as yourself. However if you aren’t willing to fight for the life plan you want for yourself, and if you are going to settle for what another person chooses for you then you are never going to be happy. Even if that person chose the most ultimate thing and you actually attain it…you’re likely to have that nagging voice in your mind’s eye whispering to you how you didn’t actually get it…that it was given to you and how you are such a failure because you had to rely on someone else…blah blah blah.

Of course I could be wrong.

I, however, will continue to set goals, map ideas and dreams, and strive to achieve small ‘wins’ on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis so as to allow that feeling, even if minor (and better if more significant) of success, achievement, and slowly getting to those things I want for myself. (man was that like the worst run-on sentence ever!) That leads me into the next topic…failures, mistakes, and imperfections.

You have to allow yourself to fall and not feel so damn guilty or hard on yourself. If you fall that doesn’t mean you are a failure. That means what you were doing wasn’t working. Try something else! Find another ‘FEVER’ and work with that passion to get where you want to go. Failures should be erased from your vocabulary. Unless you decide to quit trying you are never going to fail. You are going to find all the friggin’ wrong ways until you finally find the right way. Mistakes? Shmistakes! They teach you what not to do the next time! You need mistakes. Imperfections…quit judging yourself so intensely. And quit thinking others are judging you so much too. Most people are thinking about themselves and wishing they could be brave, strong, intense, passionate, creative, ect…as you are. Really…there are very few people out there that are stabbing you with daggers of righteous indignation and all that. You just assume they are because your INNER CRITIC is smart mouthing off and you are actually placing too much emphasis on it.

goals lifeToday…chart your course. Plan your life. What do you want this week? What do you want this month? What do you want this year? Next five years? Ten? When you have that…start a list of what you can do to attain those goals. If it doesn’t work, cross it off and add a new method. Rinse and repeat. (oh shit…that’s shampoo…sorry! I got this new ‘do’ and I’m all ‘look at me’) haha. But really…that’s basically what you gotta do. 

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