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Somestimes It’s Just Too Much

InsecureWritersSupportGroupI am tired. I am tired of the day after day after day of blogging, writing, worrying about blogging, worrying about writing, struggling to get posts up (ahead of time to save time), wondering what creative mess to write about on this blog or that blog, and sometimes it’s just too much.

I have to remind myself that it is okay to skip out for a day or two sometimes. We all need rest. We all need to unwind, let loose, and not write; not even think of writing or what to write or how we aren’t writing and we should be writing.

A few days ago it was my birthday and I wanted to do something for myself BEYOND writing.

As writer’s we all need to remember that there is a world beyond the writer’s world we thrive in, stress in, grow weary, exhilarated, bombarded, excited, and whatever else comes over us as we write. Of course there is reading but in a way that is very much connected with our writing (when done properly). So we must branch out even further beyond the reading because that is part of our writing.

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time finding something else to do. I know there are other passions I could invest my time in. (I used to cross stitch, and I’ve crocheted.) But my mind is always geared towards writing. It just never stops.too much

Do you ever just want to scream…”It’s just too much!” I felt like that this week. But you know what…now that I’ve released some of this ‘truth’ I feel better.

Maybe I’ll go write something.

13 thoughts on “Somestimes It’s Just Too Much”

  1. I’m new here so I might not know this but why is there pressure for you to constantly blog? \: Blogging/writing should be something you like doing.. Unless of course there is something I’ve missed!

    1. An effective blog needs a lot of attention. If you post daily your viewers will come to rely on you having something new and fresh for them to see. I have this blog but I also have my business blog which is geared towards connecting readers/writers/musicians/others with other readers/writers/musicians/others. I love writing and I love helping people…but just like anything, it can sometimes grow heavy (especially when you have other things going on in your life).

      I’m currently in school full time (masters) and that takes a toll on me. I’ve also experienced some family illnesses that have pulled on me emotionally. All these things…along with writing can sometimes make me feel like skipping out for a while. However, a blog is a committment (at least it is for me) and you can’t just skip out of things when you have responsibilities and such.

      Thanks so much for visiting. Please do come back or/and visit me at


      1. Ah.. Thanks for the clarification, Michala. I do agree that even things we like/love can feel heavy, burdensome and turn into a chore. You deserve breaks!! Or at least, a hobby to take away the pressures. Something you don’t need to take all that seriously.

        BIG BIG HUGS.

  2. I feel the same way a lot, and I have to say, the blog is the first thing to go! When I’m not motivated to post, I just take a break and wait for when I can come back to the blog inspired … and with better quality content!

  3. Yeah, it’s hard to keep up with a blog sometimes. And the Facebook page and the Twitter and all the things that a writer is ‘supposed’ to do. But sometimes it gets in the way of your writing, your work on improving your writing, or your having a life. It’s important to seek a balance. And one can always write several short posts in one day and schedule them to appear on different days— so it LOOKS like you are blogging daily when you are doing other things.

    1. I try to blog daily. Fortunately I have great people doing their part with the other website. This one is new and I’m learning to find balance. 🙂

  4. Here from the IWSG, Wow you do have a lot on your plate! I think that no matter how much you love writing, sometimes it does feel like too much. Blogging puts a lot of pressure on you and sometimes it’s good because it means you maybe write more frequently then you would otherwise, but sometimes you begin to resent it. You don’t want to be bothered. I think maybe the relationship you have with writing is something that has to be nurtured just like an actual one. You have to take time to remember the stuff you love about it, even when you are feeling ambivalent or even angry about it. Flirt with writing. Make it something you look forward to by pairing it with something else that gives you a break, like “After I write for fifteen minutes I’m going to get some sushi” or a new nail polish or whatever little bribe of positive reinforcement you have to give yourself. But don’t let your relationship with writing grow bitter. Fall in love with it every day if you can.

    Good luck with your masters too! Seriously you are amazing to juggle so much! Congratulate yourself. It’s not a stress free life you have, so make pockets of time to appreciate what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    1. Thx so much for visiting! Yes, I do have my hands full but every bit of it is what I love. You are so right in your statement. And funny that you should mention it…I did recently begin bribing myself with positive reinforcements. 🙂 It’s helped a bit.


  5. We all need to take a break from writing; and if we don’t live life, how can we write about the lives of our characters? But I know what you mean about hobbies; mine are writing, reading, and watching movies, so they’re all story related. I should find a new one too!

  6. It’s like the game on “The Price is Right.” THAT’S TOO MUCH! (Yes, you’re supposed to yell it).

    For me, it’s been a constantly evolving process. I used to post three times a week, then two, now one on a regular basis and random ones thrown in there. To fit it all in…it’s a job!

    I live on exhaustion. Still figuring it all out, but it’s coming together.

  7. I’ve recently been burned out with the whole blogging thing myself. I had so much on outside of it, and felt forced into having to write blog posts (on top of writing my novel and you know – everything else) so schedulled a few posts a week for a month and apart from a few checks and alterations, I left it. It tied in with having to go to UK and holiday too. You might do something like that, then not to do any blogging at all for a month or so?

    Best of luck. XX

    Shah (IWSG)

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