Laziness…Me? Never!!! Okay…yeah. Okay! I get it!


So I admit it. I’ve been lazy. Honestly there were a number of excuses I could line up to be the cause of my laziness but I won’t do that. I’ll just say that no matter what was going on in my life…I got way more sleep than I needed. I did way less exercise than my body needed. I did way less laundry than my family needed. And I lost no weight whatsoever. Oh, and I got no writing done: neither school work, homework, nor creatively.  I didn’t even get my letters to my four pen pals done.

Shame on me!

I will say that last week I had a medical scare that kinda bit me in the butt and knocked me off kilt. I had some very not so nice procedures done and was informed that I would need even more not so nice procedures to take care of some issues.  This is something nobody ever looks forward to, I’ll grant that. But you might just agree that your daily routines would probably have slipped a bit and you would perhaps want to get away from the torturous images that your mind was creating (as mine was) by sleeping an extra five or six hours a day.

Be that as it may, I’m awake. I’m educated. Procedures are paid for and there is no backing out. And the class from hell is nearly over.  (Just seven more days and two crappy assignments left!)

fortune cookieI’ve still got quite a rather large amount of stuff on my plate. I have to finish editing my book that I intend on self-publishing in June. I have to alert the clinical settings all over Louisville that I’ll be desiring an internship so I can graduate. I have another oh so fun (but not excruciating) class that begins promptly at 2am on Thursday morning.  And my EPIC novel series, book two outline needs finishing. I still need to lose weight too…which means exercising. Gotta make time for exercising! And I’ve a ton of books that need reading and reviewing. And what about my Stephen King two year goal (to read all his major novels)…I’m am still on top of that. J I am nearly done with his Dark Tower Series and then I’ll begin reading his stand alone novels in order.

I’m a crazy bugger, I tell you what!

So to enlist the aid and support of getting my life organized I’ve created a schedule to help me accomplish this and more.  I’m sure I’ve missed something, always do. Oh look…I knew there was something. Laundry. I forgot to add laundry to the schedule. Wait…is there time to shower or eat on this schedule? Hmm…I suppose it is a work in progress—like everything else in my life. Wait! Even my life is a work in progress. Sheesh. It’s almost 7am. That means I am supposed to feed the monsters. Why do they need food? Golly! I’d get a lot more done if I didn’t have to feed, bathe, and tend to my monsters.

Take care, and thanks for supporting me by reading my insanity (and brilliant creativity).


Michala Tyann, Novel Chic

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