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30 Day Challenge: Day 1 & 2

1Day One: Write Some Basic Things About Yourself

I’ll list FIVE to begin.

I’m Exhausted!

After going full-speed for more than seven years which includes school full-time, one job full-time, at times one and 2 jobs part-time, a family of three (four if you count the husband>and I do), writing full-time, blogging full-time, reviewing books, interviewing authors, and probably more things on the list that I’ve grown blind to as it’s an ever-present force in my life…oh, yeah, like cleaning and stuff…

I’m exhausted! But I mean, aren’t you just a bit tired reading all the things I’ve been doing nonstop for so long?

I’m Full of Self-Doubt!

With my first novel soon to be published I am constantly wondering if I should do this. I’m self-publishing this novel and I’ve heard and read so much about the pros and cons of doing that. I’m thinking…

1. Am I ruining my chances with a publisher later down the road?

2. Am I going to tank?

3. How much must I sell to consider myself successful?

4. Do I even want to write anymore?

5. Should I put my writing aside and focus on other things?

The list goes on and on and I’m always second guessing all the possible what, who, when, why, and hows in my life.

I’m A Writer!

I’ve never had a problem claiming this truth. Some do. Some feel they must establish a certain level of writing, publishing, ect to ever consider themselves a writer. Me…I’ve claimed this truth for myself since I was six! I know I am a writer. What does that mean? It means that no matter how much time passes between writing…I will always be a writer. This part of me is as alive as my heartbeat. It’s as powerful as the unconscious act of breathing. I have tried to NOT be a writer. I fail miserably every time. I accept the fact that I’ll always be a writer.

I’m a Counselor.

I’ve not yet completed my classes. I’m ever so close to finally entering the field as a practicing professional counselor. However if I never finished my studies I would still be a counselor. I’ve always been one. I have that invisible presence that emanates ‘tell me what’s going on’ and ‘you can trust me’ and people know this. But even if they never felt that I’m still the person who seeks to help people find new avenues, open new doors, experience more. I love helping people be the best they are. I love motivating people, asking them questions that get them to see things they always had inside them. I hurt when others hurt. I ache when I see them struggle. I care and for that…I am a counselor.

I’m a Lonely Person

Some of you may understand me. Others will not. I’m one of those people who can be in a crowded room, among friends and family or strangers…and still be lonely. I process things on a level that for some reason…is just very different from others. I won’t try to explain that though. I often feel like I’m a different species.

But you know what? After having spent so much time in the field of studying human behaviors, both physical and emotional…I’ve come to believe everybody feels alone in one way or another. What do you think? I bet you would probably agree that you feel alone at times. Maybe even more than you wish. It’s a sad thing…in my opinion.

230 Day Challenge: Day 2

List 10 likes and 10 dislikes. In no particular order…


1. My Kids. They are entertaining, annoying, imaginative, and messy all in one fell swoop! Life can’t be boring with them in my life.

2. My Husband. He is the most patient, caring, loving person in my world on this Earth. Nobody has ever treated me as good as he has.

3. Music. It’s been a vital element in my world since I heard the first lullaby, the first Christmas song, the first Monkees song, the first NKOTB song, the first MTV video, the first Snoop song, Tag Team, Ricky Martin, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Rock, Swing….even Justin Bieber…I love love love Music.

4. Hulu/Netflix. They make it possible for me to enjoy my favorite series one episode after another…..I gorge myself on episodes and on my timing!

5. Books. Um…Need I say more? Duh.

6. My co-writer. For without him…I don’t know where my stories would be. He is the perfect balance in my characters, settings, and so very much more than I could even define.

7. Facebook. Yeah…I hate it as much as I love it but without it…well, I’d probably have given up on the computer. MySpace just wasn’t cutting it!

8. Homemade Hamburgers and BBQ chips with Big Red. OMG….I’m in heaven just thinking about it.

9. Big Brother. I LOVE that series. I think I love it so much because that is the one series that my husband and I watch together…every single episode. On the projector, on the wall, every season!

10. My Kindle/Nook. I love having a million books in my purse at any given second. LUV IT!

My 10 Dislikes: This is hard because I dislike hating things. In fact…that is #1 on my list. I dislike that I dislike things. LOL

2. Liver and Onions….That is the most disgusting thing I can ever imagine having to eat.

3. People who get away with abusing others.

4. Laundry. I hate doing it. Not all the time…but I curse Adam and Eve A Lot for having sinned and forcing me to wear clothes.

5. Bras. I curse these even more than Adam and Eve. They are the most uncomfortable things and who the hell decided perky breasts were the way to go. Damn…let me just be comfortable. Sigh…

6. Nails. I hate them. I bite my nails. They are awful. Oh don’t get me wrong, they are sure pretty at times…but I hate nails. I’ve had nails maybe 3 times in my life (real ones I mean.) I’ve had fake nails a few times too. Those aren’t so bad. I prefer fake to real…didn’t bite them quite as much. Still hate them.

7. Stubbing my toes. I do this often. I’ve broken a toe a good TOO MANY times. And then when one is broken I stub it even more than normal. Its like the most awful pain…

8. I HATE that they cancelled the tv series THE MOLE. I would have loved if that show could exist forever. I miss you Anderson Cooper….I miss you tv series the mole. I miss you….so much!

9. Mustard. I can’t stand that crap. The look, the smell, everything about it is awful. I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16. I could not even wash the containers…I would throw up!

10. The high prices of everything! It’s too expensive to live. Ugh. Gas. Milk. Movies. Everything is just tooo much!

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