Challenge Day 3

ScheduleMy Day In Great Detail

5am Wake up with husband. He goes to work.

5:30 Wake oldest daughter up for school

6:30 Oldest daughter goes to school

7am Two youngest get up for school

8am Kids get off to school

9am-10:30 Catch up on social sites (email, facebook, blog, ect)

11am-1pm Getting Errands done and if time permits I write.

1-3pm School work, studying /writing

3-5pm Cooking & cleaning/writing

5-7pm Everybody getting home, dinner, clean-up

7-8:30pm YMCA/Family Time/Church/Free time

9-11pm Relax and do whatever/writing

On Weekends: I work nights so I pretty much sleep from 7am until 3pm and then play catch up with cleaning, cooking, family time, ect.

I write from 9pm-7am Fri, Sat, Sun whatever downtime I may have at work.

As you can see…I sneak in writing whenever I can!

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