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Challenge: Day 4

meThe Making of Michala Tyann

a.k.a Where’d she get that name!

So my name is totally not so uncommon anymore which is pretty alright in my book. Maybe in another ten years I’ll be able to go to a store and find a pencil or a mug with my name on it (with the correct spelling which is of course MY spelling.) According to Wikipedia there are a number of ways to spell my name:

I don’t see my spelling up there…Hmm…

Makayla, Michaela, Mikayla and all those other spellings is so very wrong. Not dissing…just saying. Dr. Quinn needs to go back and correct her spelling. But there are those out there with the same. Here’s a conversation I found  and what others with the same spelling thought.  Hahah. Anyway…

Nah, I’m not scared. I’m pretty damn proud of myself and who I’ve become. I’m not, like, known across the world (at least not yet) and I doubt there would be over 100 people at my funeral if I died. But I’m still a pretty rockin’ girl. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my name. My momma gave it to me. Hehe. But it definitely has meaning.  My mom was told she’d never have children due to medical issues so when she found out she was prego with me…she felt it was a gift from God. The Hebrew meaning of  Michala is ‘who resembles God’ but my momma always says to her it means ‘a gift from God’. *shrugging* I’ll take either. Ha! My middle name Tyann is a made-up name. My mothers maiden name was Toni Young (TY) and my granny’s name is Ann (ANN) Ta-Da! Now you know.

Now…here are some thoughts. The last book in the Old Testament is Malachi…which rearranged is…duh…Michala. Malachi means ‘Messenger’. That is the meaning I’ve applied to myself. I won’t go into detail as to why…but I think its all pretty dang cool stuff.

So there are other rockin’ people out there! Kudos to these people who actually got the spelling right!

Michala Banas Michala Banas who is a New Zealand television actress, and singer  living in Australia.

Michala PetriMichala Petri is a Danish recorder player. Petri is sought after as a soloist with many noted orchestras, including the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Michala Todd Michala Todd is a pretty awesome singer.

Michala Johnson Michala Johnson, basketball player for the University of Wisconsin.

And if you want to read of a sister with a big heart and her dream to help her brother…check out Michala’s story here.

So that’s me. That’s my name. Thanks for chillixin’ with me again today. Cheers!

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