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Challenge Day 5: Five Places


Limiting my travel venture dreams to a mere five choices is terribly difficult. Ugh. I want to travel to every single state in the USA, every country in the world, every corner of the universe. (Fortunately, as I am a writer…I can kinda-sorta do that last one! Hah!!

First…you must understand something about me. I LOVE TRIANGLES. I don’t know exactly when I developed a fetish with triangles but they ROCK! So it doesn’t surprise me that some of my most longed for traveling takes me to places that are near or are triangles.  As I think about it, triangles were often in my youth. triangle ying yang I had a necklace like this.

imagesCAQWYDCT I hung out on one of these with my best friends day and night 365 days a year for a while there.

I could go on. My favorite Barbie Doll had a triangle on her shirt. These fond recollections of my triangles could get totally weird so I’ll stop here. 🙂

So here are just  a few places I would love to travel to:

1. DISNEY WORLD- Mainly Spaceship Earth. Okay, so I know this building is round…but take a look chickadees and chickadoos. TRIANGLES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tri 2

There all over it.  180′ of pure triangles! Isn’t it a beauty? I would love to put my hand on one and take a picture!

china2. CHINA: Mainly their atelier 11, china national tennis center. I don’t really get into tennis but I think this structure is very genius. hearst

3. New York City: My husband is from there. He and his family even experienced the bombings: both the one in 1993 and the one in 2001. Unfortunately I’ll never get to see those buildings but there is still so much to see. The Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium, and The HEARST TOWER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

OMG….look at that beautiful building!

opera house4. AUSTRALIA: I love the performing arts. Sydney Opera House is one of the most amazing sites that I can think of. Both day and night from sky or ground the Opera House is just pleasing to the senses.

tri 15. EGYPT: I cannot for the life of me imagine a more magical site than the pyramids of Egypt. The mystery and enchanting idea behind the formation, the existence, and the deep dark secrets within them draw me towards them (especially on Google Maps!) LOL

Can you share with me any other triangular travel destinations I can add to my wish list? Leave me a comment!

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