Challenge: Day 7 Books I Read

What Are My Favorite Books?

OMG…where do I begin?

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen KingDark Tower

So even if you aren’t a big Stephen King Fan (because of his long excessive descriptive habits) His Dark Tower Series is just superb. I read the first three books when I was in middle school and have continued to read the series as he wrote them throughout my life. In fact as of January 1st 2013 I decided I would read them all together all over again. I’m finishing up book seven this week (or next). It is a brilliant series. Rereading it only confirms how much I love the books. There were details I’d long since forgotten and characters I had loved and lost and reawakened to. The stories and journeys of the characters are incredible.  Now, I’ve never read any of the comics and it’s not because I don’t want to. I’ve just way too many books to read at the moment. Ha!

feverThe Fever Series by Karen Moning

All right…this series is on my Nook and my Kindle and I think I’m going to even go out and buy the paperbacks because I have to read these books every year. They are THAT good. And not just because the protagonist’s name is the same (if spelled incorrectly) name as mine. Not because there are two majorly hunkalicious men in the book that I go back and forth in who I want to jump more. Not because the storyline is just so incredibly unique. Not because there are some erotica moments that make me want to…well, I’ll keep this post clean! I love the series way way cool!

By the way, Moning’s Highlander series is just as good. Talk about some very heavy good lovin’ scenes….Yummy! highlander

I’ve tried to read the Sookie Stackhouse series…but for some reason it bored me after book three or so. The tv series also bored me after a while as well. LOL Oh well.


goodkindOh!!! Oh!!! Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth Series! OMG… This series was really a ‘gateway’ book for me. I was never into fantasy and/or science fiction, so when I picked up this series I fell for it hard. And for a gal who loves book series…this one has 12. I really appreciated the fact that it had both a male and female protagonist. I really loved almost every single book and character. After I read the series I also read some negative comments from some die hard sci-fi/fantasy readers but I couldn’t really say anything against the series. I have it on my Nook as well…and intend on reading them again soon. 🙂

Well, those are a few of my favorites. Of course I enjoyed the basic books: Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games….blah blah blah. But these are the ones that really stand out in my opinion.

What are your favorites? Shoot me a comment!!!

1 thought on “Challenge: Day 7 Books I Read”

  1. I too like The Sword of Truth series. I also like many of the books in the Dragonlance world and the Death Gate series. If Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are writing it I probably will read it. The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy series is a great as are the Discworld novels. Both series will tickle your funny bone.

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