Challenge D8: Three Letters

whom it mayThree Things I Want To Say To Different People

This was a bit weird one but not completely new. I’ve done a lot of journalism in my past, both personal and therapeutically. It can mean the world of difference just to write a letter that you will never send to someone. Having gotten something off their chest, you know? I don’t want this to be a downer however. I have enough downers going on!




Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that you are the most beautiful person I know. You have a soul of an angel and I have been truly blessed to have known you. I’ve learned so much from being around you, watching you, listening to you. I’ve been inspired in my own life in so many ways and even today can easily conjure up something and be reminded of how you did it and then I will smile, knowing I have the guidance just from having known you. The directions in my path aren’t always so evident and yet knowing you makes the journey all that much easier; better. I love you. Thank you! So very much Thank you!


You gave me the sunset over the ocean. You gave me the Nutcracker Ballet. You gave me Vincent Van Gogh. You gave me my first black dress occasion. You gave me my first lighthouse. You gave me myhearts first Halloween party (with Jungle Juice) and protected me from the weirdos. You gave me my first ‘named’ blanket. You gave me my first ‘love’ Polaroid. You gave me my first cabin by the ocean. You gave me fondu for Thanksgiving (with your family). You gave me my first Superbowl (Go Green Bay!) I could go on and on…but I just wanted to say that even though we didn’t make it…it was all so worth it. I’ll cherish the memories forever!


I only knew you for less than a year and yet you were so full of life, so vibrant. You were the first girl I met who had my name and you’ll always always always be someone to me. You were just a little girl and yet you were able to show me so much. I took from you the laughter, love, and livelihood that you showed to everyone. We were so very different, from different worlds in so many ways and yet forever connected. Thank you for sharing with me your world for just a few months. I pray you are well. I pray angels watch over you day and night. I speak blessings over your life and those you love.

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