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I’m Back!

miss meSo after a very emotional and physically trying few weeks I am back. I’ve been away due to a number of issues. I had a few personal things going on. I had to have some medical procedures done including minor surgery. Of course such a thing can be very taxing on the mind and body and it definitely took a toll on me as I found myself battling depression again. I’ve had a history with depression but even I was amazed at the depths of how far down I found myself. My poor family was amazingly understanding and patient but it’s still something that irritates me, knowing that I put them through it. Be that as it is I literally felt the ‘clouds’ of depression dissipate and it was a beautiful feeling.

I have since added a new blog challenge; one my friend Julie  of Rogue Mission created for some of us bloggers. I know I was unable to complete June’s challenge but I try my best not to beat myself up for ‘failures’ and rather choose to be gentle with myself, knowing that I am human…which is to be imperfect. I’m eager to begin July with fresh eyes, a zealous attitude, and fruitful writing.

I have also began my third novel, second in the ‘The Watcher’s Keep’ series with my co-writer William of Will’s Eye View and I’m ecstatic about it. I’m still doing some much-needed editing and agent shopping for the other two books.

Some great news! I am one class away from finishing my coursework and beginning my field experience towards my Masters in Professional Counseling. If you are a student you will understand my eagerness to be completely done with textbook reading and incessant studying. LOL I’ve landed myself a brilliant place for my internship and I can’t wait to begin applying all I’ve learned and continuing to learn!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to you for visiting my websites, both Novel Chic and Bite My Book and to say that I am back!


Michala Tyann

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. Where is your internship? You will be a “wounded healer,” whose dealings with depression will make you that much more empathetic as a counselor. Blessings…

    1. Though my future goals are geared towards expressive-arts healing, my internship will be working with soon to be released inmates, counseling them and preparing them for re-entry into general population as well as substance abuse counseling. My state is geared more towards that and at this time does not offer much in regards to the theraputic arts (even though Louisville University is known for their Art therapy program.) Wounded healer with regards towards depression and abuse will definitely make me more empathetic; you are right. Thanks so very much for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me. 🙂 ❤

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