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Top Ten List: Things From My Past

easy bake overnJuly Blog Challenge Day Two:

List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

Top Ten Things from my Past

1.  Easy bake Oven: Man, was this thing U-G-L-Y!!!  And I’m sure that in today’s time that contraption would have been a big lawsuit. LOL Mine was the same color too but I got mine from a yard sale so it was ‘gently’ used meaning drawn on and broken but I still made a hell of a lot of mud pies with seedling sprinkles. 🙂

cabbage patch2.  My Cabbage Patch Doll: Her name was Tabatha and my Gammy gave it to me. I loved her to pieces and honestly can’t remember having any other ‘dolly’. She was IT for me.  And this was the same-looking doll as my Tabatha. Couldn’t comb her hair as her hair was made of yarn but she wore real preemie diapers and my mom actually let me put on my own infant outfit a few times. Pretty neat stuff. 🙂

the goonies

3.  Nintendo Entertainment System: You know the one I’m talking about, right? The first NES system. Grey, Black, and Red…Mario…duck hunt? Yep that one. I had a little black and white television in my room sitting ontop a metal table and my mom went to the pawn shop and got me the NES with like four games. Mario, Duck Hunt, Amazon Man, and The Goonies. I never won any of them. I guess I wasn’t determined enough but I had other things to spend my time on like……………………

Playing Barbies on the Porch with my friends:We would take turns playing on each others porches and bedrooms. I don’t even know where I got all of them…but I accumulated quite a few. And back then there was no barbie dream house. Nope. We made beds using dishtowels and sofas with wash rags. Our dolls lived lives long before we ever would and they were excellent therapy. My favorite barbie doll was named Samantha. I actually loved her so much that I went online about five years ago and found a duplicate doll…mint condition in box. And she sits on my dresser today. One day I wanted a HUGE GIGANTIC popsicle from the gas station so I took my barbie dolls, loaded them into a box, and took them to the flea market and sold them all for $10.00! Ugh…kids!

5.  Catching Crawdads in the creek behind my apartment: I look at these creatures and cringe now. OMG…I actually spent hours upon hours walking the creek catching these things along with tadpoles. I may have played with dolls but I was definitely a tomboy too. huggabunch

6.  The Huggabunch Movie: There were a lot of shows I enjoyed watching but a few made such an impression on me that they forever stayed within my heart. Others included: The Worst Witch, Punky Brewster,  and The Garbage Pail Kids. Those shows were just awesome. The Huggabunch Movie however was one of the first I loved and I forever tried finding it because I couldnt even recall the name of the movie. It was about 8 years ago that I found someone else asking questions about the same movie and a movie expert online answered her question. After that I went online and purchased TWO copies. One for me to watch and one to forever hold on to. Sentimental a bit….maybe. There were actual dolls made…they had the softest skin.

tape player7.  My Radio:  I was of the generation who made mixed tapes. Yes, I admit it. I was among those who would push down play/record and pause/unpause. I would sit all day with my radio and listen patiently for the songs I wanted and would create my own tapes. (I’m not as bad as my husband who still has a good 100 of those tapes in the shed. He refuses to get rid of them)

8.  My Sleeping Bag: My mom would let me sleep in the living room floor on weekends and stay up all night long sleeping bagwatching Up All Night with Gilbert Godfrey. LOL For my birthday one year she bought me a purple sleeping bag with paint slashes of various bright colors. I loved it!

ticketrs9. Showing off my weird side….TICKETS

Yeah…weird. But true. There was a gas station in town that held a gas giveaway raffle. Everytime a car got gas there they would get a ticket. Then at the end of the week (or maybe month) they would display the winning ticket number. We never had a car…we walked everywhere in town but I saw those tickets everywhere. I began picking them up one day and it just grew into a habit. I even got my mom into picking them up. It came to be that I had so many of them I kept them in a huge gallon ice cream container. Needless to say…there were a lot of tickets…a weird hobby. LOL

10.  My Snowy Bear: He is the best bear in the world. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top Ten List: Things From My Past”

  1. Do you remember that the “food” they gave you to “cook” in the Easy Bake Oven tasted like horrific week old dog poo? Oh, yeah, I totally had an Easy Bake. Mine was prettier, but only by a little.And I used to sit there by the radio waiting all day to hear my favorite song so I could record it. Heck yea!! 🙂

    Oh, and the original NES? Yeah, best ever. Still have one.

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