BCD3: Fictional Character Description

I was totally psyched to see what day 3 is. Believe it or not…I’ve not read over this list! I totally needed this as I just began a story tonight and was wondering where to go with it. It’s one of those fly by seat of your pants kind of works in the making. This came in very handy and now I kinda know where I’m going with it. Thanks again Julie!!! 🙂

Blog Challenge Day 3: Create a fictional character and describe them in 500 words or less


Josey is a seventeen year old girl. She’s 5’5”, weighs 185lbs, and has messy short hair. She is a popular girl, on her volleyball team at school, and plays drums in a band called the Spunks, which plays for all the school dances and friend’s parties. She loves swimming and tanning in the sun. She loves going to the mall whether she has money or not. She is your total girly-girl but at the same time she’s very self-conscious of herself. While she has lots of friends, and even three best friends, she often feels like people don’t really understand her. She thinks a lot and is emotional.

Josey has always been in her older sister, Megan’s,  shadow but she loves her sister and never minded. Megan and her were the best friends, her sister being one year older than her, she always had her back. Josey in fact always got the best of the hand-me-downs because of Megan’s fantastic fashion style. Josey also has a younger sister, Trisha, who is fifteen who she doesn’t really get along with because they are total opposites. If Trisha didn’t like the band leader Ozzy (real name Oswald) they would never be around each other.

Josey’s parents are still married after all the years and seem happy. For that, Josey has a strong view of relationships and believes in happily ever after and the possibility of one love of a lifetime. She has never had a boyfriend but is cool with that because she is focused on school and hopes to be speech pathologists. In her spare time she spends time volunteering in after school programs where she helps elementary students with their homework and helps out in the drama club.

Josey’s world is about to be turned upside down because her older sister has been reported as missing her classes at college. Joe, her boyfriend was seen having an argument with Megan but Josey doesn’t believe Joe had anything to do with it. Megan is dedicated to her schooling and would never skip a class. Nobody believes Josey though because Megan sent a letter to her academic advisor that she was leaving school for an undetermined amount of time due to an emergency.

Her family is clueless and insist that she just needed a break. Megan ran away from home twice during her teenage years and they feel she has done the same thing again.

Josey doesn’t believe it and is bound and determined to find her. She just doesn’t know how to go about doing it. She tries detective work, even looks into hiring a detective with her college money. Then she runs into Seraphina, a girl who is known for being a weird recluse…but also someone who is able to speak to the dead. And Seraphina has approached her with odd news. Megan contacted her last night. Josey doesn’t understand until Seraphina explains to her that her sister is dead and wants Josey to know that she is next if she doesn’t stop whoever killed Megan.

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