BCD4: If It Were the Truth

truthBlog Challenge Day 4:

List 10 things you wish were true but are not, example: I wish the sky was pink instead of blue


This one is particularly difficult for me for some reason. I suppose it is because I think way too seriously about things. So because I do, I’ll instead try to ‘play’ with this instead of being my normal usual no fuss kind of gal.

  1. I played lead female role in Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, and Little Shop of Horrors.
  2. I created the hacky sack, tic tacs, and the game Mousetrap.
  3. Eve never ate that stupid apple and I am free to go without wearing stupid clothes. (Especially bras)lie
  4. My closet really does take me to Narnia, and anywhere else I can imagine!
  5.  Pizza rolls, Pringles, and Poptarts don’t exist!
  6. I LOVE cheese, and asparagus, and tofu.
  7. I don’t bite my nails. EVER.
  8. I didn’t go to work with my mom that one night.
  9. I speak every language known to man.
  10. I can write a book every single month, easily.


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