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No More! Be Gone!

How I feel when I have a Blog Challenge!

Alright, I tried it. I really, truly, and honestly gave it my best shot. These blog challenges are totally not my thing. I’ve considered why and believe it has to do with the way it feels like assignments. Homework. And you know what? I’ve been in school for the last six years and homework is the one thing I DO NOT need in my life. I have plenty of it.

In fact, I am finally down to, count them please…the last nine assignments before I am finally done with reading textbooks and staying up late into the night doing research papers, taking tests, and all that other hellish shit that I have been doing for almost a decade!

So, I’m giving up. I don’t like to give up. In fact, I really really hate giving up on anything. But these blog challenges, on a day to day basis are just not cutting it for me.

I am not exactly your fly by the night kind of writer and I actually do enjoy attempting the organized lifestyle. I have my calendars. I abuse my Microsoft OneNote on a daily basis by overloading it with a myriad of pages, links, data, outlines, more calendars, and character profiles. I even try my best at cleaning my house on a schedule. (I fail miserably at that though; just ask my husband. BUT it if has anything to do with school, homework, writing, ect…I’m so organized Franklin Covey would be impressed with me.

But I digress. Back to these blog challenges. Have I mentioned I’m giving them up? I think however, you will find a happier blog, a freer owner of a blog, and more creativity. I feel spread thin, bogged down, and overly exhausted by attempting to continue on with the many things I have going on in my life. I’ve given it a great deal of thought too. And so c’est la vie.

Life is good now!



4 thoughts on “No More! Be Gone!”

    1. Subtlekate….I’m SO pleased I’m not alone on this. Thanks for visiting and even more a huge THANKS for letting your voice be known by commenting. 🙂

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