The first one was hard enough!

letterOn July 13th, I sent out yet another query letter for mine and William’s fantasy novel The Prophesy of Three. We’ve been doing this for a number of months and have had a lot of rejections. No one had anything negative to say about the story idea but there were a number of reasons for rejections.

Of course, these rejections are to be expected. I am cool with that. I refuse to give up. I’m a pretty patient person.

Yesterday I received an email. For sake of privacy I withheld the name of the publishing company as well as the publisher. But here is the letter.

Hi Michala and William,  

 Thank you for your query! I’m interested in learning more. I’d like to read the first chapter as well as a very brief synopsis. If you don’t already have a synopsis written, that’s okay. If you can just give me another paragraph or two about the plot, that would be great. You mentioned that you feel you’ve put a new spin on the genre, so I’d like to hear more about how you achieved that.  
   Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
Do you have any idea how friggin’ exciting it was to get a letter like this? I mean I am totally cool if they choose to decline after I pitchsend the second query letter. This second one made me think harder. How do I write a synopsis again! It was terribly difficult writing the first one and now she wants MORE! OMG.
But I did and I’m pretty glad that she sent me this letter because whether she bites or not I was prompted to think harder and refine my skills, look over my story with even more of a critical eye. So I’ve been blessed already with such an email letter and hopefully she’ll accept and we will be on our way to having our first book published.

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