I’m Quirky, I Know!

strangeToday we put up our Christmas tree. We are actually a couple days behind on our tradition. In my home, since we don’t celebrate Halloween (I personally grew up in costumes until I was 17 but my husband’s family never celebrated it) I decided to create a new tradition. Since my children ‘miss out’ on all the ‘fun’ of trick-or-treating I decided it was the perfect day to set up our tree and start preparing for our minds, bodies, and souls for the spirit of Christmas.

We pulled out our pre-lit white tree and ewwwww….it was an unnatural pee-yellowed color. No Way was I putting that up. Gross. So after spending an hour with my husband this morning of rearranging the living room and finding we had no tree to put up I said, ‘I’m done for the morning. I’m hitting the bed.” (We both work third shift.) So I was surprised when I woke up to find my darling man had gone out and bought, with his own ‘play money’ and it’s the most nicest tree ever! So we decorated our living room with my ceramic Christmas town and people and we got the tree all put together. No lights or decorations yet because all our lights were bad, but it felt so nice having the tree up.

Anyway, having slept and prepped my body to give the night another go at work I decided to leave for work early and hide away for an hour and pound away at the computer and try my ‘darndest’ to get my NaNoWriMo word count in for the day. And what do you know….one hour and 1700 words later I got chapter two down. Whoo-hoo! I’m psyched. Of course, it IS only week one. Check back with me at the end of week 2 and see how I’m feeling. LOL

Do any of you have any quirky ways, traditions, or such that you would like to share?



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