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She’s Alive!!!


So after a long night at work (thanks to the extra hour) I got home to find my bedroom fan had become disconnected from the surface of the ceiling. So my husband and I, though tired as we were, got to work on disassembling wires, reassembling wires, taking apart, putting together, and finally reconnecting the fan to the ceiling properly. In that time I learned that though I had efficiently cleaned all the fans in my house…this one was forgotten. And dust was all over my comforter and sheets (and in my hair). Ugh. But hey, it was time to change the bedding anyway and I needed that shower. LOL (Always half-full gal here!)

I finally got to bed, slept a total of four hours and thirty-two minutes (according to my fitbit flex) and then struggled to pull myself out of bed to get my daughter to her violin lesson and Sunday is our catch-up on shopping day. I was lagging behind for a while but finally got into the groove.

We got home with our Christmas tree decorations which we only partially put up as I also have to work tonight. I was going to lay down for an hour or so before going into work but then decide, hey! I can go in an hour early again and write some more on my NaNoWriMo novel. And so I did.

Room 100 was empty again…and man, I swear that room is bringing me good luck. 🙂 But what I really came here to talk about what Alimey. She is a new character that I wasn’t alemayintending on seeing or writing in my book. Pronounced Ally May her first words were…My mama had a weird infatuation with spelling things crazy odd and I was a product of that infatuation.” She cleared her voice. “And pardon my southern twang, I’ve been trying to improve upon it.” She seems like a fun character to write and by the end of the chapter I learned she’s holding a secret. (But aren’t we all?) Of course, I know the secret but it was fun learning it.

Nowhere in my outline was this character ever written in. I don’t know where she came from, why she sprung out of nowhere…well, I know why now as her story is developing more and more but it is just such a neat thing to see a character come alive. And when they pop up on you it is even more fascinating.

I look forward to see where this goes, what she does, and all around…writing this story has been most fun so far. She may in fact be my favorite character so far.



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