Creativity, Poetry

Where The Lies Sleep

broken mirrorUpon taking the first breath.

In the darkness behind the door, locked from outside.
Beneath the blanket that holds no security.
Smiling back, lips offering the first kiss.
Snickering and offering no escape.
Within the darkly lit house with the enormous library.
Around the table full of disclosed secrets.
Throwing rocks at the window, seeking entrance.
Inside the gas station cooler, entertaining the thought
of stealing an assumed innocence, lost ago stolen.
Surrounding trees, watchful onlookers, enjoying the show.
Offering the pendant long coveted, given with strings.
Outside the bathroom, where the blood remains.
On silent lips, denying mind, tears washed down the drain.
Buried knowledge just beyond the hospital door.
Swallowed away with the bitter pill’s aftertaste.

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