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Itchy Noses, Gaga, And Breaking News!


A lot of cleaning. That’s what it was like. Although I did get some reading in today as well.

I don’t think I had any brilliant thoughts for the day. Some randomness:

Lady Gaga and Romeo? Who’da thunk it. But it’s a pretty alright song. I like her artistic side. She isn’t afraid to embrace it. No matter what other’s think of it or her.

The silliest things make my nose itch.

When you are reading a novel that involves a lot of sex, how do you review it? What makes it good or bad? Hmm…Trying to decide how to rate this one book I just read. LOL


I’m sorry to interrupt such randomness but I just got an email reply from a potential counselor who is willing to meet with me for an intern position! The whole entire reason I was so stressed may soon be over. Lord I sure hope so!

What a nice end to a productive day. (well, I can’t necessarily say it’s an end as I’m actually getting ready to go into work in about 40 minutes. Gotta love the night shift. But yeah…keep your toes and fingers crossed for me, and if you do pray, say a little prayer for your pal Michala. For where two or more are gathered in His name…. 🙂



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