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Lacking Control is Unnerving


I got no writing done.  However I did give my refrigerator a good thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Unfortunately, after that, I was completely useless.

I have a lot of pressure and stress going on with school right now. I’m currently in the last term of my graduate studies which involves field experience ie. practicum/internships. Eight months of it. The site I scored unfortunately near the end of my prepracticum pulled me out stating they were missing a legal document and until that document was secured I could not return. I had worked a lot during the first six weeks and that helped immensely as I was able to get in the last remaining few hours needed to fulfill my hours required for that session thanks to my awesome supervisor. He was able to provide me some outside observational experiences thank goodness.

I still had to extend my next term by two weeks (prolonging graduation) and I’ve still yet to hear anything. I really hate the idea of having to go out and find another work site. Of course nobody likes job-hunting, that’s not real problem however. See, my state is monopolized by social workers so finding counseling supervisors can be quite difficult. And without one, I can’t get my hours. Without hours, I don’t graduate.

On top of that, I’ve faxed my activity logs a million times and  my school keeps insisting they haven’t received them. Sigh.

And on top of that, I’m waiting and waiting for emails on top of emails, and phone calls on top of phone calls, and it’s just the waiting is nerve-wracking. It’s like, being in Limbo. You know?

I don’t normally let things get to me, but today I felt so out of control of everything. And obviously that is the plan and simple truth. We are so not in control of these things. It is unnerving to say the least. But I, we all, we must go on. We must strive to prevail. We take what comes, good and bad. We make lemonade with those lemons as they say. (I always hated lemonade.)  I tried my best not to sabotage. You know what, come to think of it. I did get some writing done today. I got two book reviews written today. That’s something, right? 🙂

Take the good with the bad. That’s the most we can do.



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