Book Review: CAPTURED

capturedCAPTURED by Erica Stevens
Book 1 of the Captive Series
188 pgs
Paranormal, Vampire
ISBN: 1477679995

Blood Slave. That is the first two words you read as you turn to the first page of Erica Stevens novel. This is Aria’s story, for she has been captured by a world led by vampires. Human beings are the lowest on the totem pole in Aria’s world. Gone are the days where kids go to school, learn a craft or career. Instead, humans can choose to serve the vampires, feed the vampires, or rebel. Those who rebel are hunted and if caught are sold into slavery or are drained of all their blood, to be stored until needed.

Arial’s an important person, the daughter of the leader of the rebellion. So when she is captured, those among her remain silent of her status and she can only hope and pray she is mercifully chosen to be drained and killed. To be chosen to be a blood slave would be the worst thing. Not only would it mean she would have to live among her greatest enemies, but they might one day learn of who she is and use it to draw her father and those who rebel against the vampires out and that would be worse than death. Of course, she is chosen to be a blood slave; in a most unusual turn of events too and by none other than Prince Braith. And here the story unfolds.

The characters are written very well throughout the story. The author portrays the characteristics of human behavior, the back and forth awe/temptation/guilt/wonder Aria suffers throughout her captivity is not too over the top for this kind of genre. I liked how the feelings of the main characters, their unknowing and unraveling of discovery of each other’s positions was portrayed. The author did well. They positively affected the movement of the story and I was able to empathize with both equally. The only slight dismemberment I had was towards the end with Prince Braith and his reaction to an event which I will not reveal (no spoilers here). It isn’t that I didn’t exactly like it, I would just have preferred it to have been written differently. I would have written it differently. But I’m not knocking it, just saying.

The other characters were sufficiently well-played though I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Max and Braith’s evil brother. I thought that certain scenes were rushed and other scenes were at times too long. Having said that there were not any moments that I felt the need to skip over scenes. I felt the strongest scene was the beginning and the weakest scene was the end. There were good and so-so scenes mingled all through the book but it was still a gripping page-turner.

My Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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