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HumDrum Won’t Hold Me Back

my dayMy Day in Review

The morning began quite nicely. I made my two youngest children apple cinnamon pancakes, in which they proclaimed they loved, and then for the last ten minutes before it was time for them to go off to catch the bus, I read them the story of how both John the Baptist and Jesus’ were conceived and the story of Elizabeth and Mary.

After they were gone, I did some writing on my book. Then I went to my internship site to get my activity logs resigned from the last session. More hiccups, according to my school. But fortunately easily fixed. It looks like things are all cleared up. THANK GOODNESS! And just in time too. In more ways than one. With thanksgiving coming up, I have a ton of things I need to be doing (and unfortunately am having a time of it trying to find the motivation to do any of it). I got in an hour with my supervising counselor today and officially return Tuesday. (I think I’ll go in on Monday though just because I’ve missed being there!)

I’m so happy my internship has commenced. Everything in that area is going fine and dandy. I’ve actually come out of these damned stressful last few weeks with more knowledge, more positive contacts, and I suppose better for it all around. I still hate it that it happened. (Laughing) I guess this was a prime example of that saying ‘makes you stronger’ blah blah blah. I hate those generalized sayings though. Don’t you?

I’ve been an awful mess though as of late. I feel sorry for my husband who must endure the brunt of my tempter tantrums. What? Me? Temper tantrums? NEVER. Okay, yeah. It’s totally true. I get them. Not too often but my husband is the best in bearing the worst of me but isn’t he the one who I am supposed to be able to turn to in all this to show my ‘real side’? (I promise to make it up to him.)

I wrote on my NaNoWriMo novel today. Three chapters in fact and am back in the game, though I was never truly far behind thanks to that one day where I wrote for seven straight hours. (Again Thank Goodness for that!) The story is coming along and at first, when I sat down this morning to write on it I was worried I would have some trouble getting back into the groove. I worried the story might not be as favorable for me but it was. It wasn’t hard at all. (Thank Goodness!)

I suppose I have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂

In preparing for Thanksgiving, we are (and in a short amount of time) repainting our family room. I think we are doing that tonight. I hate painting but I can’t wait to see the outcome. I hate the color as it is, always have. And so I look forward to seeing it as an end result. But I’m not sure whether tonight will be the night or not.

With kid’s homework, projects, cleaning, and all the other humdrum stuff…we shall see.



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