Personal, Poetry

I Fall Hard

slipThe beat plays, draws me to the edge
Moves me closer, I hover, tipping
Slide over and fall into
Your wanting lips. They
Profess miracles that
Could not happen, yet I slip into
Believing everything you say.
I fall hard.

Dawn approaches, you tease me,
Tempt me with all the surprises
Tomorrow will bring.
And I slip into your eyes.
They swallow me whole, take everything
I have to offer. I entrust these
Precious gifts of myself.
I fall hard.

The night calls us in, whispers secrets
Into my heart and you lead
Me deeper and deeper
And I slip into your embrace.
It shields me from truth, invokes
Vulnerability and forces me to
Lean upon you even more.
I fall hard.

Time presses upon you and
The beat has changed. You seek
A new dawn, a new night
And I slip into your past.
An ache flows through me.
Craters of emptiness fight
Against eruptions of memory.
I fall hard.

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