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Book Review: Bedding the Wrong Brother

By Virna DePaul
212 pgs
Fiction, Soft Erotica
Melina has a crush on a professor she works with but before she makes a move she is determined to have certain skills down pat. Her past three relationships have all had tanked in the bed and the only thing they all have in common is her. So Melina is quite certain her skills in the bed suck. So over some ice cream and discussion with her best girlfriends she decides to call upon one of her childhood friends to help train her in all the ways to please a man.
Now, Rhys is who she would prefer. She always had a crush on him but he broke her heart when she was sixteen and after that they remained distant but friendly. So his twin brother Max, who she’s always been comfortable with is who she calls on. Max however knows that his brother and Melina have a complicated thing going on between them and hopes to help them smooth things over. So he agrees to ‘tutor’ Melina in all things sex. All she has to do is wait for him in his hotel room. Of course, he doesn’t tell her and she doesn’t notice that it is Rhys who comes in and Rhys can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity he’s always dreamed of: having Melina in his arms, and in his bed.
Now, I had a hard time trying to decide how to rate this book. I did enjoy reading it for the most part. Of course, just seeing the title I assumed there would be some strong scenes in the story. The sex scenes weren’t graphic and it was written well. There were no typos or grammatical errors that I saw. If there were I guess I was engrossed in the story enough that I missed them. LOL
The characters were believable to a degree though I seriously couldn’t see this plotline happening, who knows. The tension was strong throughout the book and this was good and bad for me. Good because it kept the story moving forward, which is always a must. Bad in that part of that tension was in that Melina struggled and doubted so much and so heavily and so constantly that it brought the story down a degree for me. The author however would show the character picking up a bit of confidence in herself and then she would slide right back down. One step forward, two steps back, which does happen in the real world so I guess that side of the tension worked well enough.
Max was an odd character…or oddly written in my opinion. His personalities and behaviors seemed to switch up at times and I felt like I was reading two different Max’s.
Rhys was a solid character, obviously a strong one for the author to write (maybe her favorite even). She made me enjoy reading him as well.
The story kept my attention, though there were some scenes that I fluffed over and a couple here and there that I had to reread to make sure I understood what I was reading. DePaul incorporated a few twists and either I didn’t connect a to b to c well enough the first time or maybe she could have written it a little more clearly. It all came out well enough in the end though and the end was actually one of my favorite scenes and that is often the hardest thing to do: pull of a good ending. Kudos to her for that!
My Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

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