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Book Review: The Shattered Door

shatteredThe Shattered Door

by: Lisa Bouchard

The world is made up of telepaths and nontelepaths.  There are some very powerful people who do not like the telepaths and want to bring them all down.  The Telepathic Corps is getting very uncivil in their approach to taking them out too.

Darcy and Olivia Morrison, twin sisters who also have their own (new) private investigators office are closet telepaths; not that they are ashamed of what or who they are, but they do value their lives.  Only it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them, and they have enough troubles already what with a asshole of a ‘mentor’ if you can call him that, a thug-boss on their behinds over a lost pet, and a load of debt with little income coming in.

To make some cash on the side they take on a job offered to them by Olivia’s boyfriend. George Wynton, the public  face of telepaths everywhere has been accused of a violent crime and Darcy and Olivia must find a way to prove his innocence so he is exonerated and freed. This is their chance to prove just how capable they are as women and private investigators so they can grow their business into something viable and one capable of sustaining them. 

The characters in Lisa Bouchard’s novel are interesting people. Throughout the book their personalities and qualities grow and become relatable in how they feel, their behaviors, and actions. At times I found myself wanting to shake one and scream, ‘get a hold of yourself’ or ‘wake up girl!’. But there are people in real life I want to do that to everyday. LOL Olivia is a kind, discerning character but she has her flaws and those flaws made her more realistic. At times I felt those flaws were too…unrealistic but then when I considered how real life is, I was swiftly correcting my thoughts and thinking…’yeah, okay…I’ve seen it happen, even though I can’t understand how someone could be like there…there are plenty of people like that’. She is really a sweet girl and I related to her. If she were to ever give up the PI duties, she’d make a great therapist!  

Darcy…well, what can I say other than there’s a little bit of Darcy in all of us. Sometimes, there’s too much of Darcy in some of us. Hah. I liked her a lot because I could totally relate to the emotions and thought processes she had throughout the book. 

The characters around them were for the most part well-written. There was one or two I think might have been better off either letting go or developing more but for the most part they all had their key functions in the story. 

As for the plot, I think it was creative and nearly original. What made it most original was Bouchard’s unique twist on the world as we know it. Yes, there have been stories of telepathic people and whatnot but she didn’t let those ‘superpowers’ over power the plot…which are two girls trying to solve a case. 

The overall story was well-paced. I never found myself bored with the reading. Bouchard threw just enough wrenches in the story to keep things moving along. There were parts that were scary, fun, emotional,  quirky, and so much more.  I’m not very big on detective stories but this was definitely an entertaining one and I find myself fortunate for having found it. 

Definitely a gem among the genre.                   

My verdict: 9/10

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