Positive Push: Diane Riggins

 Diane Rigginspositive push

I’m always fond of promoting and sharing beautiful books, awesome websites, and marvelous people. Today I wanted to give a positive push-up to Diane Riggins. She recently accepted to beta read one of my own WIP. As every successful writer/author understands, reviewing your own book is a huge no-no. So when I went out seeking someone to beta read my NaNoWriMo (2013) novel I was fortunate to have found Diane.

Her turnaround time was very good which is a super huge plus. Every author stands on their toes in anticipation as they wait to hear a reader’s response of their current baby. She also provided easy to understand notes and comments, offered solid evidence of what needed improvement, what grammatical issues I’d missed, and so much more.

Diane is a writer herself, owning a blog called A Creative Mind and has a very thorough background that is evidence of why she is so good at what she does. If you would like to follow her on either her blog or twitter or Facebook I’ve provided them for you here. Support a fellow writer/reader!

P.S. AGAIN…thanks so very much Diane. You rock!

Blog: A Creative Mind  Twitter: @sjledge2     Facebook: DianeRiggins

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