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200 Words: What Betrayals Look Like

betrayalWhat Betrayal looks like

My arms were wrapped over my boyfriend’s shoulder and watched the cards in his hand. He held a full house. I could sense the hidden smirk on his face as it spread across his body.  I glanced at the three men sitting around the table and wondered whether they could sense it as well. The chips in the middle increased. I was careful not to fidget because he’d told me beforehand that any movement could potentially give away something. It was amazing I’d even been allowed to sit in on the poker game. Touching him at all was a feat that could land us both dead or worse. What could be worse than death? I had wondered but I didn’t ask. As he laid his hand down in full view the others swore openly.

“Well gentlemen, I am going to call it a night.”

I leaned back allowing my boyfriend to pull his chips towards him. Just then I heard the gun before I’d even seen it drawn. My eyes focused on the silver barrel pointed directly at me. Shivers spliced my spine.

“She stays.” The older man with salt and pepper hair quipped.

“Fine by me.”  My boyfriend replied.

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