Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: Tiara and the Circle of Worlds


Polynesian Legends, Cosmic Powers, Fantasy Worlds: Outskirts Press’ Tiare and the Circle of Worlds

Dr. S. N. B. brings together Polynesian legend, modern science and cosmic adventure as three children from Toledo, Ohio, suddenly find they have ancient, immortal powers to combat a terrifying evil.

Toledo, OH – Children’s author Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick announces the release of Tiare and the Circle of Worlds, Book I, published by Outskirts Press.  This full color, illustrated work of fiction shows that teamwork, love and perseverance are even more important than awesome immortal powers, when faced with the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of evil.

Tiare is a typical nine year old girl, complete with annoying brother and sassy baby sister, who is going about her daily life in Toledo, Ohio, when the three siblings are introduced to a world of immortals and amazing creatures.  After being attacked by an evil foe, their dormant immortal powers are awakened and the three children, now known as the tri prophets, are whisked away on the tail of a giant goldfish to fulfill their destiny in a far off solar system and the Circle of Worlds.

The three discover they are descended from the marriage of a Polynesian princess from the island of Rarotonga and the most powerful immortal to have ever lived.  As an ancient evil tries to claim the children’s cosmic powers in order to rule both Earth and the Circle of Worlds, the tri prophets encounter killer butterflies, pegacorns, giant walking insects and a magical dragon.

Author Nicholas-Bublick was herself raised in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific and so brings an authentic Polynesian undertone to her narrative adventure.  A neurologist, she is also able to weave in fascinating scientific facts with astronomical lore and well known legends from the South Pacific nations.

To complement the book, the author and her daughter have created an etsy store, TheCircleofWorlds, with necklaces likely to have been worn by the inhabitants of the Circle of Worlds, and also a Facebook page, Tiare and the Circle of Worlds, with explanations of the characters’ names and other fun facts about the content of the book.

About the book: Tiare and the Circle of Worlds by Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick ISBN: 978-1-4787-2634-0 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: December 2013 Pages: 86 S.R.P.: $15.95

About the author: Dr. Selena Nicholas-Bublick is a neurologist originally from the Cook Islands who wrote this book in order to help her daughter Tiare with her fourth grade vocabulary words.  Not wanting to be left out, her two other children, Mana and Leilani-Rose, encouraged her to include them in the adventure.  Tiare and the Circle of Worlds is Dr. Nicholas-Bublick’s first children’s book.

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