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200 words: Blind-sided

hidden_room_secret_door-swings-out-like-thisEscape. That is the only word in my head, on my tongue. I mistakenly judged Sophia’s behavior as a simple interest. I had never penned her for the jealous type. I should have known better. Damn it! Hadn’t I learned time and time again just how deceptive, conniving, and brutal to the core women could be? And now I am stuck in this stupid clandestine vault; in her house no less.

Nobody would be looking for me. As if Josiah would give me a second thought after Sophia embedded her arms around him.  It wasn’t as if we were ‘together’ in that way. I had simply asked a favor of him. Attend the party as a friendly date. I’d even ensured there would be no niceties involved such as petting and kissing. I’d never considered Josiah as anything romantic.

I stare down at the cellphone in my hand, pushed a button. It was fully charged but no blasted signal in here whatsoever. And just when I’d considered the truth the door to the vault opened wide.

“There’s a bounty on your head. One million dollars.”  I didn’t reply. “Josiah wanted you dead. Tonight.” She smiled. “I just saved your life.”

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