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Day In Review: 1/10/14

my dayI was totally lazy today, sleeping and ignoring my important duties of writing. I hope to make up for that this evening.

I’m still in the process of building up and polishing the website and I meant to map my domain name to include the .com but I procrastinate on that as well. Sigh… But I really do like the look of things and I hope you (my viewers) like it as well. What do you think of the name ‘Drowning In Words”? It is totally how I feel and fits properly.

I must admit I’ve not been doing much writing because I fell in love (again) with reading the Fever Series by Karen Moning. I read the series once every year and I recently learned the author has added to the series from a different characters POV. I’m excited to read it and have started on it just yesterday. It’s not all that bad to read…writers are encouraged to read, yes? LOL

One of my new year’s resolutions is to discipline myself to write daily. Shame on me for not doing so already. Though there are people who suggest it’s not that ‘mandatory-ish’ to do so but I really want to take my writing to the next leve this year and so I feel, a personal belief, that it would be best for me to do that.

Oh! I’m so excited! I am signed up to attend Pike’s Peak Writers Convention in Colorado Springs, CO this April. My favorite author Chuck Wendig is guest speaking there. Sooo excited. Oh, did I say how excited I am? LOL


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