Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: Lou Lou

lou lou

Leaving Her Island Paradise Turns into a Journey of Hope: Lou Lou Published by Outskirts Press

Author Safia Guerras and illustrator Mai S. Kemble offer up an exquisite children’s tale about the magic of hope and love as young Lou Lou begins to search the world for a new place called home.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Children’s author Safia Guerras and illustrator Mai S. Kemble announced today the release of Lou Lou, published by Outskirts Press.  Their new full color release is the tale of a young girl who must leave her enchanted island in the Maldives because of the effects of global warming, and of the magical moment that occurs as she and her family must sail off to find a new home.

Lou Lou loves her life on her tiny, but enchanted Kayla Island in the Indian Ocean.  Bejeweled, exotic fish swim along its coral reefs and the golden sands of its beaches make the perfect spot for her to lie back and listen to her grandmother’s tales of the marvelous mermaids who swim through the ocean.

However, global warming has begun to take its toll on Lou Lou’s island paradise.  The coral reefs are dying, the ocean has begun to rise and cover the beach, and the tropical fish and other marine life are now threatened too.  Lou Lou and her family are ordered to leave.

As they start the saddest journey of their lives, Lou Lou has an unexpected realization about the magic in life, and suddenly she and her family can be excited about beginning to search the world to find a new place called home.  Love, community and courage do come together to do wonderful things.

Guerras’ delicately told story and Kemble’s exquisite illustrations make Lou Lou a small treasure of a book that parents and young readers alike will want to keep proudly on their bookshelves for a long time.

About the book: Lou Lou by Safia Guerras ISBN: 978-1-477-2359-2 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: December 31, 2013 Pages: 31 S.R.P.: $16.95

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