Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: Is Gluten Free For Me?


Active Aging spokesperson Launches First Book, Is Gluten Free 4 Me? – 21 Tasty Recipes Tips for Gluten Free & Diabetic Diets

Dana Point, CA, January 30, 2014 – Joyce Goodman, Active Aging spokesperson and Owner of the Bounce 2 Health, Wellness Center in California, is releasing her first book – Is Gluten Free For Me? – 21 Tasty Recipes.  Having lost her son to a long battle with diabetes, Joyce made it her mission to help educate people on food and the effect it has on the body.

This book is filled with in-depth information on gluten free and low glycemic foods and the effect these foods have on the body’s metabolism.  In addition, there are 21 easy to follow recipes plus several bonus recipes.  This Kindle book also offers links to cooking demonstration videos.  With an insightful forward written by Ladd McNamara, M.D., Is Gluten Free For Me? has valuable information that will help people understand how the foods they choose to eat affects their health and wellness.

If you are a diabetic, gluten intolerant or want to lose weight, this book is a great way to start.  Ms. Goodman is a certified health and fitness coach as well as an Active Aging spokesperson who has decades of teaching and coaching experience.

With parents and grandparents who were born in Hungary, food has always played an important part in Joyce’s life.  She brings a lot of European flavors into her recipes but has made them healthier.

So, with a lot of great information, much experience, delicious recipes and a dash of humor, this book has come to fruition.

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About the book: Is Gluten Free For Me? by Joyce Goodman ASIN: B00I1KPU3S Publisher: urDigtialMedia Date of publish: January 2014 Pages: 104

About the author: Joyce Goodman is a Certified Health & Fitness Coach who has designed and patented her own exercise equipment.  Her sincere caring for the well-being of those around her has been a driving force behind her research and work. It all started when her son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of seven.  Throughout his long illness, Joyce felt completely helpless in her search for the answer to this debilitating disease. At 44 her son succumbed to the ravages of Juvenile Diabetes.  This became the cause in Joyce’s research for alternative methods to wellness. She felt her son did not have a choice where his health was concerned but now others do.  That is why she has written this book

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