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Book Cover & Blurb: The Angelic Gene

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New Historical Fantasy Thriller Released by Acclaimed Author Steve Goodwin, The Angelic Gene

Queensland, Australia –  The Angelic Gene by multi-published novelist Steve Goodwin is the long awaited third book in the Elijah Hael Series exploring faith, love, doubt and fear.

Set in England during the 1860’s, beginning with Sophia’s birth, the reader will find themselves on an exciting adventure between life and death. Sophia as an orphaned girl, with a difficult birth and childhood, does not understand why a man wants her dead. She carries secrets unknowingly and will, in her life, experience humanity.

Goodwin takes the readers back to England in an age that has long since passed, yet still gives relevance of the human condition and the existence of the invisible spiritual realm. This novel is the first book in the beginning of the Elijah Hael novels and is recommended as to be read first in the series, but can also be read as the third book in the series.

Goodwin writes with ease, excitement and fast-paced dialogue giving the readers a sense of being there as the story unfolds. Historically accurate, The Angelic Gene, encapsulates the culture and era of 19th century England. Uplifting, exciting and heart-warming, Goodwin gives the readers “something special” in this novel that they will not soon forget. With well-developed characters, intrigue and suspense, this novel will keep the reader longing to protect orphan Sophia while giving a glimpse of what evil that lurks within the shadows of humanity. Fascinating and awing!

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About the book: The Angelic Gene by Steve Goodwin ISBN: 978-0987378477 Publisher: Software Development Pty, Limted Date of publish: December 2013 Pages: 360 S.R.P.: $13.95

About the author: After a difficult childhood Steve developed a fascination with the nature of the supernatural, spiritual and physical words and how they affect the lives around us. This led him on a journey spanning two decades of studying, experiences and discovery. As well as demonstrating a profound respect for faith and the battles of doubt, he seamlessly mixes reality with creativity, inspired by Biblical concepts and personal understandings, constructing worlds, dimensions, events, and stories that are relatable.

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