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Randomness About My Family

family1. We had some snow (actually, so much and for so long now I can’t remember when we last DIDN’T have snow) and my kids went outside to play in it. My youngest (8yrs) decided to build a penguin instead of a snowman! Creative? I think so! 😛

2. I got REALLY frustrated the other morning. I could literally see myself blowing up. I mentally saw myself acting out, saying awful things I would regret later, upsetting my family, and more. I mean…really. I saw this all in my mind, like a movie. And then I reeled my feelings in before letting that behavior out. I was so proud of myself!

3. My son, who changed schools due to negligent teaching and improper conduct/behavior of students and complete lack of management skills of authority, has had a trying time in transitioning in his new environment this year. It’s been trying for him for sure. And on top of that, it’s fifth grade, which any parent knows is chock full of reviewing of materials and preparation for middle school. His first semester was unfortunately not pretty at all (even though he is more than capable of doing better).  With the school year almost close to being over (3 months-ish) he’s put in so much effort and has proved to his teachers, us (his parents) and himself that he is competent, capable, and so very smart. And he’s not one to give up, back down, or crumble in defeat. (I’m proud, can you tell?) 😛

4. I won’t say much about my darling husband (he shrieks and irks at all this social media stuff and whines and moans about privacy and such…for good reason of course.) However, I have to say how proud I am of him. He is always looking out for his family, ensuring we are well-taken care of, and does the very best he can. He applies himself whole-heartedly. He took a chance, made a suggestion, and opened a door for opportunity and was granted something no one else has ever done before. ❤ Way to go babe!

5.  FIRST DRESSMy oldest (12yrs) went to a school dance this week. It was not her first dance but it was her first in which she actually wore a dress! Most of the time she dressed in nice pants and pretty shirt. She was beautiful…a fashionista for sure. I was beginning to think the ‘girly-girl’ (beyond make-up and googly-eyes over boys) would never come out!

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