Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: Bittersweet Texas

bittersweet texas

Learning to Mend a Broken Heart: Bittersweet Texas

Author and horse trainer Sally F. Thompson’s new memoir will please any romantic at heart with its tale of a young Texas woman who learns to love again with the most unexpected of men.

Twin Lakes, WI – Author and career horse trainer Sally F. Thompson has released her romantic memoir Bittersweet Texas, Memoirs of a Horsewoman, published by Outskirts Press.  Thompson transforms a true experience of her own into a fully conceived tale about a woman whose unexpected and unusual relationship with a mysterious oil supply boat captain allows her to mend a broken heart and learn to love again, despite their uncertain future together.

“The next day I got up early and jogged down the road by myself.  I felt more alive than I have ever felt before and it only seemed right to get out in the fresh air and build on that some more.  I knew the boat was out but I had three wonderful hours with him last night to replay over and over in my head.  He had now become a powerful drug to me and I hadn’t come down from the high yet.  I knew this was a dangerous thing but I could not help myself.”

So begins one more serendipitous step in Sally’s journey into a relationship with the mysterious boat captain she’s run into while working as a bartender and songstress at her family’s restaurant in Port Mansfield, Texas, during the nineteen-seventies.  The port is a popular Gulf of Mexico locale for oil company workers and commercial fisherman, and thirty year old Sally is continually exposed to wide variety of characters, both locals and strangers.

Recovering from a brief marriage in her late twenties, Sally has returned back to her family’s nest to lick the wounds to her heart and is not predicting or prepared for her sudden enchantment with the enigmatic captain.  Through a series of sweet, sad, exciting and humorous twists, their lives begin to entwine in this perfectly told tale for any reader who is a romantic at heart.

About the book: Bittersweet Texas by Sally F. Thompson ISBN: 978-1-4787-2177-2 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: December 2013 Pages: 432 S.R.P.: $18.95

About the author: Sally F. Thompson was born in Chicago and raised in the northern rural area of Illinois.  As the middle child of seven, she grew up on a farm with horses in her blood.  After graduating from high school, she went overseas to England to get her British Horse Society Certification.  She has always been and still is to this day a horse trainer.  However, her life has taken her all around the country, and she’s had many adventures, many of which fuel her stories.  Bittersweet Texas is her first novel and features one of the more important adventures she felt the need to share.

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