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Book Cover & Blurb: Desperate Endurance

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New Romantic Suspense Thriller: Desperate Endurance

Poteau, OK – Author Kasey Riley has released her romantic suspense novel: Desperate Endurance.

When endurance rider Bethany’s husband presents his pregnant mistress and demands a divorce, her plans for the future shattered. True, he isn’t much of a husband, and she really doesn’t have many plans, but it’s quite an unexpected surprise. To heal from the shock, she falls back on her love of horses and writing and begins traveling the nation competing in each region and selling stories about each event. Witnessing a murder in a deserted rest area terrifies her.

Before dying, the victim pleads with her to deliver some important documents to his son Roger. She takes on this mission and mousey Bethany develops a bolder persona to hide her identity. This mission leads her to Roger Meadows, the handsome son of the victim. Avoiding the killers and with the aid of Roger, they work to discover the mastermind. In the end, it is a desperate ride that brings both of them to the final knowledge they need to solve the mystery and realize the strength of their relationship. With a rich background of endurance riding, ride camps, horses, and the challenges of competition, this book takes the reader on an adventure of mystery and self-discovery while romance builds in the background.

About the book: Desperate Endurance by Kasey (Kim) Riley ISBN: 978-1493754939 Publisher: Createspace Date of publish: November 2013 Pages: 348 S.R.P.: $13.50

About the author: Kasey (Kim) Riley is an equestrienne with over twenty years of horse ownership and Endurance riding to her credit. While never aspiring to place at the top of the events, her horses have seen that she has many top ten placements to their credit.

Due to the constraints of time, work, and life she has less than two thousand competitive miles at the longer distances and just under a thousand at Limited Distance. She enjoys riding her Missouri Foxtrotter even when she’s not working to condition him for competition.

She expects to back off from competing over the next few years as she feels it’s time to move into a different phase of her life. While she feels that horses don’t necessarily define her life, they enable her to keep interested and active as well as giving her a place to develop new story ideas. There’s nothing like a three hour ride in the woods to bring a new plot into focus. Her other interests, besides writing, include working in clay and painting ceramics. She lives with her husband of forty years on thirteen acres in Southeastern Oklahoma. Together they watch over three horses, four dogs, three cats and assorted chickens.

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