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Book Cover & Blurb: K9 Commando

k9 commando

New Non-Fiction, K9 Commando, Explores Bond Between Incredible K9s and Their Owners

K9 Commando tells the story of 12 courageous and smart dogs – heroes who, if necessary, would sacrifice their lives in order to save their owners.

Denver, CO – As crime-fighters aiding the police, Special Forces dogs rise to the call of duty with all the courage that their owners and fellow officers have. Author Violetta Kovacs presents 12 true and touching stories of these brave, tough, smart and beautiful animals in her latest book, K9 Commando: Police and Army Dogs from New York to Berlin, published by Outskirts Press.

Man and his four-legged “best friend” have had a special bond, working side by side for thousands of years. As guide dogs for the blind, search-and-rescue dogs for the lost, sheep dogs for shepherds or simply companions for ordinary people, they have always taken their place at their masters’ sides. This bond and loyalty are no more apparent than with the Special Forces K9 officers Kovacs honors with K9 Commando.

In most American states, a police dog is sworn in as a full-fledged law enforcement officer, sometimes even given a badge, ID and ballistic vest for the dangerous tasks ahead. Indeed, a police dog killed in the line of duty – and this can include chasing down armed criminals, drug, bomb and weapon detection, and cadaver searches – is often given a full police funeral. In many jurisdictions the intentional injuring or killing of a police dog is a felony.

Violetta Kovacs gives a voice to those brave and honorable officers of the K9 variety who cannot speak for themselves. Her tales of their exploits demonstrate what brave –  and amusing – creatures they are.

About the book: K9 Commando by Violetta Kovacs ISBN: 978-1-4787-0415-7 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: November 2013 Pages: 227 S.R.P.: $15.95

About the author: Violetta Kovacs is a well-known Hungarian journalist, and K9 Commando is her sixth book. This, as well as her previous five titles, is a national best seller. What is her secret? She has a remarkably unique style. Speaking the language of dogs as though she’d been born with the ability, Kovacs has won over readers with her insights and stories.

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