Don’t always bet on 54


ticketsI was listening to NPR today and heard the most oddest statistics. It seems that when booking a flight the best day to do so is 54 days before the actual date you are to fly. I couldn’t help but wonder a few things.

  1. How much money was invested in this research project? I understand the importance of research. I actually love research personally. And yet, there is so many other better avenues that require and NEED the funding….and yet, here someone is-throwing money on figuring out what is the best day to buy your ticket. Which leads me to my next thought.

boardWhat is to stop the flight industry ‘people’ from now changing the best day from 54 to 71 or 36, or well, any number that isn’t 54? I mean, statistically if the flight industry sees that more people are now buying their tickets on this one particular day, won’t they also see a decrease in revenue or something business-y like that? If I were a major player in the decision making on that end, I would of course want to see people spending more money and thus…would change the number to something else immediately. Which would make all that ‘well-spent’ and ‘funded’ time and money and attention a complete waste.

Your thoughts?



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