Here’s to Forever Hacking Life!

Have you heard about Mark and Angel? Did you know they enjoying hacking life frequently? Do you even know who I am talking about?

Mark and Angel Hack Life

I just wanted to give a friendly shout-out to a really cool website. I’ve added them to my twitter following and opted to subscribe to their emails. This invaluable duo enlists over 600 basic, easy, and motivating topics that inspire me to improve upon myself. They have posts such as:

25 things you need to stop wasting time on

10 little habits that steal your happiness

5 ways to stop feeling insecure in your relationships 

Each one of their posts are easy to relate to in one way or another and I have found myself enjoying their emails and tweets. A true positively inspiring place to visit frequently (or simply subscribe to their emails/tweets).

Do you have any particular websites that you find yourself visiting frequently and gaining something from it? Please share!!



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