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Book Cover & Blurb: Destructive Justice

destructive justice

No Mercy for Teen in Brutal Criminal Justice System: Destructive Justice

Author Nicholas Frank shows how an off-the-rails teen still finds hope for himself after being crushed by a merciless criminal justice system void of any rehabilitation, redemption or forgiveness.

Thousand Oaks, CA – Author Nicholas Frank announces the release of Destructive Justice, A Lost Boy, a Broken System and the Small Light of Hope, published by Outskirts Press.  Frank’s grim tale, based on a true experience, dramatically chronicles an oppressive criminal justice system bent only on merciless punishment taking its toll on Nathan Frank, a troubled youth who still, despite all, manages to find a small light of hope for his own redemption.

Young Nathan Frank is the generous, charismatic and intelligent second son of a middle class California family, but as a teen he begins to steer his bold love of life into the dark social detours of drugs, delinquency and gang membership.  Finally, at seventeen, he is arrested for his participation in a botched robbery.

Even though no one was harmed during the crime, Nathan is tried as an adult and is sentenced to thirty-two years plus two consecutive life sentences.  As he enters the dark institutional world of the American correction system, he finds that only exploitation, violence and abject hopelessness reign.  Nathan should be crushed by this fate, but the human spirit can be breathtakingly resilient and Nathan is able to rediscover the best part of himself and the great promise of his earliest years despite the condemnation and punishment meted out to him daily inside prison walls.

America’s justice system incarcerates far, far more people per capita than any other country in history, yet its rates of recidivism remain upwards of seventy percent.  Most egregious is its treatment of troubled adolescents, whose fragility during a period of transition and development can often still hold recuperative promise for their rehabilitation or redemption.

Destructive Justice is an insider’s eye-opening account of the moral and physical brutality of the criminal justice system, but it also tells the story of a man who rediscovers his best in one of the worst places on earth.

About the book: Destructive Justice by Nicholas Frank ISBN: 978-1-4787-2257-1 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: January 2014 Pages: 293 S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author: Nicholas Frank (a pen name) is the epitome of an ordinary guy, except he and his family have lived through most extraordinary events.  Those events serve as the inspiration for this book – his first and perhaps last.  He lives with his beautiful wife in Southern California.

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