Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: Creedor

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New Sci-fi fantasy novel: Creedor

Lumberton, NC –  Author Gail Morgan Mcrae has released her sci-fi fantasy novel , Creedor.

Dr. Simon Slogar and Commander Michael Camdus have been given the task of stopping an epidemic on Creedor. It is only after they arrive on the windswept planet that they discover there’s a much greater threat.

Creedorians are being snatched from their homes, leaving survivors to fend for themselves. One brave woman, Mara Tonlin, decides to find her husband and rescue him or die trying. Her story intertwines with the original mission, leading Camdus and his men into even greater danger.

Intruders, wizards, changelings, and a subspace particle Rider all intersect with Slogar, Camdus and his men in Creedor, the first book of the Reglon Empire Series.

“I want my readers to enjoy the story and feel the human struggles my characters go through,” says Gail Morgan Mcrae, the author. “Creedor is the first of five books planned for the Reglon Empire Series”

Book trailer:

About the book: Creedor by Gail Morgan Mcrae ASIN: B00GUPGFSU Publisher: Gentry Publishing Date of publish: November 2013 Pages: 130

About the author: Gail Morgan Mcrae is a retired educator living in North Carolina. She has five books planned for this series, and book two is currently in pre-publication by Gentry Publishing.

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