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Stop It. Now

-Quit worrying so much about everybody else’s opinions-

opininosYou want to believe you are perfect. But you are not. So quit trying so hard at something you will never be. Easier said than done? Here are one initial steps you can do right now to begin letting yourself be YOU.

Why is it so important what others think of you?

Only you should care what you think of yourself. Once you can get over this hyper-critical need to impress others will you fully embrace who you truly are: a unique individual with passion, purpose, dreams & goals that will never be the same as another.

You have the ability to do great things but you let fear of others seeing you fail or fall or even do great things prevent you from obtaining that greatness. And mind you, greatness doesn’t have to fall on earth-changing scales.

Greatness can be making a memorable impression on someone that leads them to change something for the better. It can be doing altering something that has been the same thing for a long time. It can even be making small goals for yourself and reaching those goals. Greatness is…simply being who you are, inside and out.

What matters to you SHOULD matter in the grand scheme of things.

matters     You have something deep inside you that makes you feel strongly towards something. Maybe it is something that is unjust or/and unfair. Maybe it is the idea/belief that everybody deserves to have a coat in the cold season. Maybe there is a story inside you that keeps itching to get out. Whatever makes you feel strongly….is what you should be focused on.

Get educated. Find resources. And then ACT on what matters to you. You could make doll clothes, volunteer, aid abused animals, collect items for a certain population, create a newsletter business for busy families to keep in touch with their loved ones. There are a million things that could matter to you that others don’t really care much about. THAT is your PURPOSE!!! Act on it!

  1. Find what matters to you.
  2. Learn more about it.
  3. Map out things you can do with what matters to you.
  4. Make small goals.
  5. Forget what others think about you and be free to be YOU.

Do you have any tips or suggestions? How do you overcome anxiety? How do you get in touch with what matters to you? How did you become successful with YOUR PURPOSE? When did you stop caring what others thought and how did that affect you? Do share


Michala Tyann

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