Book Cover & Blurb: An American Descendent

an american descendent

New Contemporary Women’s Novel About Self-Discovery: An American Descendent

San Francisco, CA –  Author C. Mitchell Williams releases her new contemporary women’s fiction novel, An American Descendent.

Rebounding from the end of her 18 year abusive marriage, Lori starts over as a single woman for the first time as an adult, and begins to rebuild her life with a new successful career. Her life takes another downward turn following the ending of a lucrative lack luster affair, and she finds herself broke and alone. After losing it all, she descends helplessly into a life of sex and mind numbing drugs in a desperate struggle to survive.

An American Descendent is a stark and graphic depiction of an average American woman’s descent through her life of lies and loss, sex and drugs to reach an elevated level of self-discovery and love.

About the book: An American Descendent by C. Mitchell Williams ISBN: 9781478703730 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: November 2013 Pages: 284 S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author: The Author C. Mitchell Williams is a native of the California, San Francisco Bay Area, with a background in Business and Real Estate and interests in Photography and Architecture.

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