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A Poem: The End

Reprinted from

The End By: Michala Tyann

In between blood, the sun and the waves, everything traded places. until it kissed folly and touched gloom .

With the deserts and the forests, quaking and shaking I refused to be swallowed up by all of the chaos.

The colors dissolved. Obscurity grabbed control and I screamed, I sang a song that meant never to be heard, a song that my soul harbored deep within.

I wanted to put my hands over my ears and cry, My eyes stayed fixed above as new colors embraced my world, colors of labor and demise.

I felt the transformations I caressed the new order, Absorbed it, and disremembered the ways of old.

The stars fell, one by one, in a shower of lights. When one fell towards me, It whispered “do not be afraid.” I felt the pressure closing around me, taking my breath and then shoving it back into my soul.

The light faded into a gray, the knowledge, once and for all beaming a desolate blackness.

I heard a faint sound, Something dying, Something forgotten. Something finished.

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