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Book Cover & Blurb: The Bride of Devil’s Acre

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The Bride of Devil’s Acre – The darker side of historical romance.

Seattle, WA – Author Jennifer Kohout brings to life richly complex characters and illustrates how the darker side of human nature can lead to love.

1855 London – Douglas “Devil” Radcliffe has spent years carving out Devil’s Acre, an area where the titled and entitled lords of London come to play. But when Queen Victoria proposes a reformation plan to the House of Lords that would have the wretched souls of nearby St. Giles moving into his territory, Devil sets out to buy, bribe, and steal the votes he needs to stop her. One vote short and running out of time, Devil has Lord Edwards’ daughter kidnapped and held captive. The price of her freedom? Lord Edwards’ vote.

As Lord Edwards’ daughter, Jacqueline’s life was defined at the moment of her birth. Growing up in the shadow of her mother’s death in childbirth, she has spent years trying to make it up to her father. Now a grown woman, she is torn between her duty to her father and her desire for a life of her own. Irrevocably changed after her kidnapping, Jacqueline tries to put the pieces of her life back together only to find they no longer fit.

Kirkus says, “In this period romance, a young woman with a soiled reputation enters into a marriage of convenience. Ladies’ garments are torn more than once, but this is hardly a bodice-ripper. Happily, each of the characters has his or her own flair… Characters exhibit clear growth, especially Lord Edwards, whose harsh persona may mask intolerable grief… [Jennifer Kohout] carries it off with more aplomb than many.”

This well-crafted novel has my favorite character archetype: a strong, feminine heroine who is fearless and compassionate. The male counterpart is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome and their chemistry was palpable. The writing is quick paced, making the book hard to put down. The author draws you in to this historical part of 19th-century England and it’s quite easy to become lost in the swirl of sights and sounds and smells. I thoroughly enjoyed the dashes of history and found the setting quite credible.

About the book: The Bride of Devil’s Acre by Jennifer Kohout ISBN: 978-1490303963 Publisher: CreateSpace Date of publish: July 2013 Pages: 304 S.R.P.: $12.99

About the author: Jennifer Kohout works as an author in Seattle, WA. A former attorney, she has written four novels and is currently finishing her fifth.

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