Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: The Sad Tree and Pronuba

sad tree

The Sad Tree and Pronuba: New Children’s Book Introduces Natural Science in All Its Glory

Joshua trees only grow in the Mojave Desert, their existence is dependent upon pollination by Pronuba moths. The synchronicity of their symbiotic relationship is told in the whimsical children’s book The Sad Tree and Pronuba.

Ventura, CA – The desert can be a lonely place for a tree who thinks it’s the only one of its kind. The magic of the desert comes to life in this story of a Joshua tree in the new children’s book, The Sad Tree and Pronuba, published by Outskirts Press.

Joshua is a tree who has never seen another tree quite like himself. Yearning for a companion but unable to move, he asks everyone in his environment to help him, but . . . though the desert loves him . . . no one can help. When a tiny moth visits one beautiful spring night, everything changes for Joshua.

This exquisite story about the life-cycle relationship between the Joshua tree and the Pronuba moth will delight readers of all ages. The simple words of author Christina Steiner and the vivid illustrations by artist Mary Manning illuminate the process of the natural environment and evoke children’s curiosity   about their surroundings.

About the book: The Sad Tree and Pronuba by Christina Steiner ISBN: 978-1-4327-9893-2 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: October 30, 2013 Pages: 30 S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author: Christina Steiner lives in Southern California. She is the mother of two daughters, who loved illustrated children’s books when they were growing up. The Sad Tree and Pronuba was inspired by Christina’s visit to the Mojave Desert, where she became fascinated by the Joshua Tree and the desolate environment in which it flourishes.

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