Book Cover & Blurb: Bevel Down

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Boise, ID – Author Todd Langley’s debut novel, Bevel Down: the absurd tragic memoir of an Okie meth head, is receiving high praise for its thoughtful insights into the birth of meth culture. Now available through most major outlets, Langley’s narration pops off the page as he drags the reader into the dark folds of society’s underbelly.

What makes Bevel Down different from other drug stories is its refusal to offer any excuses for the behavior of its protagonist. There is no whining or blame in this twisted tale. Langley provides a gripping account of real people dealing with real consequences. He makes us care about people we don’t want to care about by showing us people that are at once familiar yet alien.

Diane Donovan at the Midwest Book Review raves, “The conclusion offers a satisfying blend of hope and despair: something not common in your typical singular novel, and highly recommended for readers seeking accounts of social challenges and community evolution.”

About the book: Bevel Down by Todd Langley ISBN: 978-1492107934 Publisher: CreateSpace Date of publish: August 2013 Pages: 164 S.R.P.: $9.99

About the author: Todd Langley grew up in rural Oklahoma and saw firsthand the rise of methamphetamines in America’s heartland. Since recovering from his own addictions he has used his insight to provide poignant and thought provoking works of literature that focus on the evolution of the human spirit. Bevel Down; the absurd tragic memoir of an Okie meth head is his first novel. He is also the author of the humorous and bizarre novel Lunatic Laundry.

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