Book Cover & Blurb

Book Cover & Blurb: The Well

the well

A Dying Soul Finds New Life and Possibilities: The Well

Author and neuropsychologist Colleen Golden’s debut novel takes readers into a glimmering nether landscape between life and death as a comatose farm wife and her family grapple with life end choices.

Boulder, CO – Novelist, teacher and clinical neuropsychologist Colleen Golden announced today the release of The Well, What Happens When the Mind Releases but the Heart Sustains?, published by Outskirts Press.  Golden’s fictional landscape provides new truth and convincing reality to the mental and emotional world that beloved elders occupy in those last weeks of life, a world where anything can happen.

Grace, a once hard working Midwest farm wife, is at her final crossroads.  Beloved by her family, who try in vain to wake her from her comatose state in a nursing home bed, Grace eases into a new mental landscape where she can both hear her mother sing and she can create worlds of her own choosing.  She learns to fashion whatever she wishes, call up whomever she wants to see and even tuck herself into the honeycomb of others’ thoughts.

She also discovers a portal to the real world, a well through which she can hear the voices of family and friends, but through which she herself remains frustratingly unable to be heard.

The Well unfolds with profound insights and ironic humor as one member of Grace’s family after another triumphs over adversity, hardship and heartbreak, sharing memories of her and the inspiration and support Grace gave to them and to her community in a life that served as a compass for others.

When she overhears her family say they have abandoned hope and are taking her off her life support, Grace fears the permanent loss of both her worlds, but knows she must now make the terrifying, ultimate choice.

Author Golden’s fictional exploration of what lies beyond, and the nature of the portal to that realm, is woven into a poignant emotional tapestry of the lives of one family as they gather around their beloved matriarch during her last days.  At the end, Grace realizes she must face her own fears, rely on her faith and take drastic action.

Doing so, she achieves liberation.

About the book: The Well by Colleen Golden ISBN: 978-1-4327-9943-4 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: December 30, 2013 Pages: 222 S.R.P.: $9.95

About the author: Colleen Golden is a clinical neuropsychologist, teacher and author in Colorado.

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